Eden Crow Pub & Restaurant

Where Humility is God's Work and Good Eats and Stiff Drinks
are the Path to Grace and Redemption

Always Open
(Whether or not you want us to be)

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Le Prise
Specialities Du Jour
Roasted Crow You can't afford it
  Cooked to you can stand it no more. This dish comes prepared en papillot. For a special treat you provide your own paper. We recommend divorce filings as they make the sauce properly bitter.
  Crow Stew de Jour Budget friendly

This specialty is made from bits and pieces of crow that in themselves would not appear on the surface to belong together. But combined and mixed with such a dazzling sauce of pungent tastes and aromas, it has a powerful effect. Chef Rhett Tribution says this recipe is mostly guess work. Patrons who experience this dish can't fathom how such an unbelievable offering came to be.

Specialities Du Maison
Baked Crow Breast Let's see your bank statement
  A succulent rendering from the tender portions near the heart and spiced to the taste with pine and safforin'. Eat slowly and savor because it will remind you of Momma when she told you that making this for you was harder for her to do than it will be for you to feast on it.
  Barbecued Ribs a-la-Crow Market Rate
  Although ribs of crow may be on the minor size, they have such juicy meat on each of them that they must be sucked until the ribs are clean, and then the marrow in the bones extend the treat. This is cooked the way only Momma could manage to do when she had little to work with, but wanted you to have a full meal.

Country-Fried Crow

At a Country-Fried Price

  This is the down home, back road, so damned spicy, crunchy meat, light or dark, marinated in a sauce concocted from dark spirits so hot that it can only bring tears to your eyes and make it hard to breathe. It won't matter how you eat this because it will hurt any which way. Don't use your fingers if you have any cuts or wounds and be extra careful if you have any canker sores.

Apple Crumb Humble Pie

Cheap but Loaded with Calories
  Just Dessert? Of course. Huge portions, too. Perfect finish to an evening of crow. Made with Eden apples not for eating. A wise man would have known when to keep his mouth shut.
  S & M's C-Delight How much do you want it to cost?


This is not for the chilled individual who can't handle a tough muse. This ass-kicker of an after-crow blend burns on the way in and hurts like Hell on the way out. It makes you not want to be in these situations, after all. You will not be crowing about this for a long time.

  Alimony Ale Cheaper than a Lawyer
  The bitterest brew ever.
  Bailey's Irish Crow Comes with Free Asprin



This mellow, smooth creamy libation is as easy as any going down, but it has a kick 20 minutes later that reminds you why eating crow was the order of the day.


The Resaurant at the end of your patience